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Sex Slavery in Israel

Sex Slavery in Israel

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Reviewer: donsiye - - January 21, 2015
Subject: Sad story, but bad music and editting
The story is very sad, but important one.
Whoever was responsible for the editing with music did this tragic story a dis-service.
Reviewer: Hexer - - August 6, 2010
Subject: Stupid German
No,i did´n know that because i am only a Stupid German! Is there a law or something else?

I can not know things like this because in Germany the German state TV - for witch the people have to pay a kind of "State-TV-Tax" - is censored.

For Example:

I have upload a German-State-TV-Documention with the title "Kampf im Klassenzimmer - Deutsche Lehrer als Täter" to removed the Documention because the German-State-TV shall have told that the Documention on is against "copyright".

Is strange, but you can find the same Documention with English subtitles on youtube withe the english title "Clash of civilizations in the classroom"

I don´t know, you don´t, who does know?

Another Example:

The is a WEST-German State-TV-Station (WDR) and there is MIDDLE-German State-TV-Station (MDR).

This TV-Stations call all Germans in Germany who still know where EAST-German is Conspiracy-Terrorists, Neo-NaZis and so on...

any Questions?
Reviewer: brsean - - August 6, 2010
Subject: Can Israelis really do something wrong?
Don't you know that it is forbidden to say anything negative about Israel and the Jewish Lobby? Even to say that a Jew is a Jew is "anti-Semitism", isn't it. Someone please tell me hhat to think!
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